Mission Consulting Group

Missions Perspective

Mission organizations are stretched to their limits implementing programs and raising funds to get the job done. Thus, self-evaluation with an analysis of effectiveness has not always been a high priority. However, with many donors now seeking to support missionary efforts that reach their goals, and demonstrate real success, more rigorous analysis of ministry efforts is required.

Mission leaders often lack unbiased reporting from the field. Personnel carrying out their organization's mission do not enjoy the independence to critique their field leaders' plans. Recipients of help on the field are reluctant to say anything embarrassing about their benefactors. Skilled consultants can circumvent these realities, being independent of mission leadership, program directors, and recipients of missions benefits.

Sound missiology calls for programs and strategies that are designed to fit within their cultural context. MCG works with organizations that innovate in a sensitive manner while preserving a sound theology and remaining culturally relevant.
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